Acme Info Academy is a Finishing School, that caters to the needs of IT job seekers who aim at excellence in their career. The proprietors have been long pondering over this venture since they acutely felt that pre-job training especially in the field of software testing is a must for beginners . Special care has been taken to make learning here a unique experience taking into account in the rapidly changing technology landscape which require job aspirants to learn new skills and constantly enhance their competence.

There is wide scope for software testing in INDIA and as well as abroad. Since small companies cannot afford to set up a separate a software testing division they turn into independent testing providers. Hopefully India has the potential to corner 70% of Worlds testing market.
Acme Info Academy proposes to address this problem in an exhaustive manner together with this we have planned a program for the all round development of personality with focus on communication skills, interview techniques , group discussions etc.